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Informed Scientific Sampling in Large-scale Outdoor Environments

Friday, November 8 in Room LG-R20

In this workshop, we aim to discuss recent progress in the field of robotic sampling for monitoring large-scale outdoor environments such as forests, bodies of water, agricultural fields, and complex urban settings. This workshop is aimed at providing an overview of the research related to field robotics. We plan to discuss a series of research issues that span theoretical, design, and applied topics such as: measurement acquisition and evaluation, building robust field robots, multi-robot teams, environmental monitoring. Regardless of the topic, all of these tasks aim at efficient and robust information acquisition with autonomous or semi-autonomous technology.


Time Talk Speaker Description
8:55     Introduction and Opening Remarks
9:00 Invited Chanyeol Yoo (UTS) Decentralised Multi-Robot Active Perception in Outdoor Environments
9:35 Contributed Victoria Preston (MIT) Information-Guided Robotic Maximum Seek-and-Sample in Partially Observable Continuous Environments
9:50 Contributed Youngsun Kwon (KAIST) Adaptive Kernel Inference for Dense and Sharp Occupancy Grids
10:00 Contributed Nare Karapetyan (U of South Carolina) Coverage of Rivers with an Autonomous Surface Vehicles
10:10 Invited Stefan Williams (U of Sydney) Challenges in Deploying Robust Autonomy for Robotic Exploration in Marine Environments
10:45     Coffee Break and Poster Session
11:15 Invited Ágata Alveirinho Dias (USJ) Diving into the unknown: robotics as tools to study the deep-sea
11:50 Contributed Martin J Schuster (DLR) Towards Heterogeneous Robotic Teams for Collaborative Scientific Sampling in Lunar and Planetary Environments
12:05 Invited Thomas Stastny (ETH Zurich) Monitoring Glaciers Beyond the Horizon
12:45     Lunch Break
2:00 Contributed Alberto Quattrini Li (Dartmouth College) Computational methods and autonomous robotics systems for modeling and predicting harmful cyanobacterial blooms
2:15 Invited Koay TeongBeng and Rajat Mishra (NUS) Exploring the use of simple robots with informative path planning for complex outdoor environment
2:50 Contributed Robert F Codd-Downey (York) Monitoring Re-Growth of Invasive Plants using an Autonomous Surface Vessel
3:00 Contributed Larkin L Heintzman (Virginia Tech) Anticipatory Human-Robot Path Planning for Search and Rescue
3:10 Invited Lantao Liu (Indiana U) Multi-Objective Tree Search for Spatiotemporal Informative Planning
3:45     Coffee Break and Poster Session
4:15 Invited Greg Dudek (McGill) Creating Effective and Useful Robots for Scientific Data Collection
4:45 Activity Organizers Collaborative Activity (with prize!)
5:00     Panel Discussion

Topics of interest for this workshop:

Informed Sampling

Field Robotics

Sensing Applications

Organizing Committee

Sandeep Manjanna, McGill University
Gregory Dudek, McGill University and Samsung AI Center
Johanna Hansen, McGill University
Oscar Pizarro, The University of Sydney
Victor Zykov, Cornell University

Program Committee

Alberto Quattrini Li, Dartmouth College
David Meger, McGill University
Felipe Gonzalez, Queensland University of Technology
Ioannis Rekleitis, University of South Carolina
Johanna Hansen, McGill University
Juan Camilo Gamboa Higuera, McGill University
Mandar Chitre, National University of Singapore
Ryan N. Smith, Fort Lewis College
Sandeep Manjanna, McGill University
Travis Manderson, McGill University

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